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September 2021

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Have you ever wondered why people around you behave the way they do? Did you ever wish that some of your family members, friends, or co-workers were a bit easier to communicate with? Unless you are a relationship guru, it is more than likely that you have asked yourself similar questions regarding the behavior of […]

August 2021

Attitude Into Action

When it comes to setting goals and creating a larger vision for our life, I firmly believe the process starts with developing and maintaining a positive, mental attitude. Therefore, through this blog post, I want to share the following strategies which can help turn our Attitude Into Action. Understand the Power of Attitude: Turning attitude into […]

July 2021

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Effective?

In our society today, we often see examples of people who live by the personality ethic. They are concerned with image, appearance, and how they come across to others. These people usually appear to be someone or something they are not; often living two very different lives. A Public Life where they may say all […]

June 2021

Secrets of Making Mistakes and Screwing Up

If you don’t learn from your mistakes there’s no sense in making them I believe when it comes right down to it, the secret of making mistakes and screwing up is an interesting concept.  Years ago, I used to wonder why I had, what I considered to be, more than my share of bad luck.  […]

May 2021

My Mother’s Pep Talk

It was the 30th of December, 2018, that my amazing Mother, after 93 years of life, decided to leave for her heavenly home. And, while my amazing Mother may have left me, she didn’t leave me without. As an opportunity to honor my mother on this Mother’s Day of 2021, I want to share with […]

April 2021

Attitude and You

Don’t just have a mood – Have a positive attitude!  My friends, a positive attitude won’t let you do everything, but it will let you do everything better than a negative attitude will. In fact, a positive attitude will let you use your abilities, and in life, isn’t that all you really need? So, I […]