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November 2016

Leadership – The L.O.V.E Effect

L eaders are all around us, without realizing they play a part in our everyday lives. They come disguised in many different names and titles; manager, director, vice president, consultant, and the list goes on. The truth is simply this – the path towards leadership comes in the form of a pyramid. That’s because leadership […]


Energy is lost when the fuel of working is not sparked by something dynamic such as enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes your function better. It relieves tensions. It establishes ecstasy and counteracts dangerous complications leading to heart attacks, stomach ulcers, and high blood pressure; which is just a sampling of the illnesses of our times. They are […]

There Is A “YOU” In Attitude

When we look for it, we can see our own attitude. We can see it in the morning when we wake up, we can see it while we’re getting ready to go to work for ourselves or for others. We can see it when we are by our self or with others. We can also […]

October 2016

Qualities of Excellence

“In order to go from where you are to where you want to be – you have to grow from how you are to how you ought to be.” – Jonathan Sprinkles This above quote by Jonathan Sprinkles, immediately reminds me of three things I would like to share through this blog post: 1. We […]

The Power of Attitude and Positive Thinking

The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory! When a lot of opportunities and challenges are thrown our way, especially when all at once, tackling them with the right attitude will help tremendously. In fact, tackling them with an attitude of winning is an offensive stance that wards off the fiery darts aimed to defeat […]

The Time Is Now – The Person Is You

Many people deny themselves the pleasure of living life to the fullest because they follow limited visions. They dream modest dreams, so they compile modest achievements. The limiting factor is not their capacity to achieve but their willingness to believe in themselves. That’s deep, isn’t it? I repeat: The limiting factor is not their capacity […]