Energy is lost when the fuel of working is not sparked by something dynamic such as enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes your function better. It relieves tensions. It establishes ecstasy and counteracts dangerous complications leading to heart attacks, stomach ulcers, and high blood pressure; which is just a sampling of the illnesses of our times. They are the payoff for bottled stress and one of the end products is fatigue. The good news – you can beat fatigue by turning your body to maximum performance with enthusiasm; and embracing the following strategies to step up enthusiasm within you.

  1. Honestly want to know people: Be interested in people. Demonstrate and show people that you are interested in them; and see how exciting they can be. Remember – You can get to know people well, if you would just give them half a chance.
  2. Realize that everything you need is within you: Within you is a reservoir of power, a dynamo of strength to handle most any circumstance. When boredom dulls your viewpoint, or your energy, turn your enthusiasm on and note the exciting new energy it supplies.
  3. Turn enthusiasm on even when you don’t feel like it: One of the amazing factors about enthusiasm is that once you turn it on – it grows. Try pretending if you have doubt. Pretend you’re happy about some occasion or event. Build and Play it up and see how effective it is.
  4. See the bright side of many interests: Make each new thing you do a challenge. Let the challenge be a synergist and step up your desire to achieve it. Feed this challenge with interest and watch enthusiasm take you to an excitement point.
  5. Do what you enjoy doing: Renew your batteries of charm by dis-associating yourself with the routine and the negative. Enthusiasm is hampered by negative associates and dull occupations if you see them as such. Enthusiasm is stepped up, however, when you have a change of pace.
  6. Vary your routine: Feel achievement with each different thing that you do. Set up a schedule in which you plan something new on a regular basis – then do it, and feel new enthusiasm flow in.


Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity.” 
 Henry David Thoreau