The Power of Attitude and Positive Thinking

The greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory! When a lot of opportunities and challenges are thrown our way, especially when all at once, tackling them with the right attitude will help tremendously. In fact, tackling them with an attitude of winning is an offensive stance that wards off the fiery darts aimed to defeat us.

Due to these times of uncertainty, corporate cutbacks, and in some ways, going to work each day, not knowing whether we will have a job the next day – there is not a better time than now, to move out of your own way and develop a solid understanding of the power of positive thinking and a positive attitude. What then is attitude? Attitude is a “mind set” that determines our interpretation of and response to our environment. It is our way of thinking; and the natural product of the integration of our self-worth, self-concepts, self-esteem, and sense of self worth. We live our attitudes and our attitudes create our lives.

Attitude and Positive Thinking Strategies Worth Consideration:

  1. During this time of uncertainty, always remember – there is nothing as powerful as your attitude. Your attitude dictates your response to the present and determines the quality of your future. You are your attitude, and your attitude is you. You have heard it thousands of time before -, “If you do not control your attitude – your attitude will control you”. Attitude designs your destiny. It determines your success or failure in any venture in life. Would you believe – more opportunities have been lost, withheld, and forfeited due to negative attitudes than from any other cause? Believe it. Just think – a negative attitude can close doors of opportunity and possibilities; however, during these times of uncertainty, you want numerous doors of possibility to be open; because, in many cases it is not going to be what you know, but rather, who you know. (I’m just keeping it real here.)

  2. Create Your Own Menu: I recommend that you look at life and think about the menu that is being presented to you now. Additionally, consider what you want that is not being presented; because you actually have the opportunity to order what does not seem available. (There is no law written that states you have to only order what’s on the menu.) Create your own!

  3. Be a Visionary: We have the power to make things happen. (As my friend Willie Jolley would say: “A set back is only a set-up for a comeback”.) Often, we are so blinded by what we think is not possible, we never see the possibilities. Helen Keller has two quotes that speak to this. The first one is: “A door never closes without a window being opened.” We spend so much time looking at the closed door that we never see the window. The other quote was personal to her. Someone asked Helen Keller what could be worst than being blind? She said “having sight with no vision”. That, my friends, is such a powerful statement. How many of us have sight but no vision – especially in these times of economic uncertainty? Move out of your own way, and don’t get stuck thinking you do not have options!

  4. Be About the Business of You: When we really get down to it, each of us is an organization, and you should run your life like a business. There are key processes, strategies, and techniques that companies use to be successful. As individuals we can adopt some of these strategies to help ourselves, when needed, during this economic time of uncertainty. No matter who you are or what you have, you cannot rest on your laurels. Attitude creates your world and designs your destiny. It determines your success and failure in any venture in life. Therefore; you need to constantly update your equipment and be about the business of You, Inc.; because “It’s Never Too Late To Live Up To Your Potential and Create A Larger Vision For Your Live.

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