Qualities of Excellence

“In order to go from where you are to where you want to be – you have to grow from how you are to how you ought to be.” – Jonathan Sprinkles

This above quote by Jonathan Sprinkles, immediately reminds me of three things I would like to share through this blog post:
1. We must move away from limiting beliefs because the result of limiting beliefs is “failure”.

2. Our effectiveness and success in life is greatly determined by how we see our self and how we feel about our self; which goes directly to our self-image and self-esteem. Of note: The way we see our self and feel about our self will, perhaps more than anything else, determine our personal and professional effectiveness and success. Remember, as we see our self – we are.

3. We should strive for excellence in all that we do.

Five Qualities of Excellence Cultivating an attitude of excellence requires that we develop these five cardinal qualities.
1. Teachability: We must be open to new ideas and methods, new ways of doing things. We must be willing to listen, observe, and learn constantly.
2. Adaptability: We must be willing and able to adjust to constant change. [Change is constant – Growth is optional.] 3. Flexibility: We must be willing to work smoothly with people of many different talents, temperaments, and personalities.
4. Creativity: We must be willing to try new things, building on our successes and learning from our mistakes.
5. Sensitivity: We must be aware of the needs, interests and concerns of other people – our co-workers as well the people who patronize us.
Cultivating an attitude of excellence is a day-by-day process. We may not become an overnight star; however, if we are constantly making small improvements, they’ll add up like compounded interest. The modest gains eventually will amount to impressive accomplishment for us.

We Can Be Extraordinary! We don’t have to be a superhero to perform the extraordinary. All we need to do are these two things: {well, there are others, however, these two are at the top of the list}
1. Commitment to do more than ordinary people do.
2. Promise our self that the rest of our life will be the best of our life.
Yes – ordinary people can become extraordinary if they make up their minds to grow from how they are to how they ought to be. Fact: We can motivate our self to do the things ordinary people won’t do, and we can learn to do the things ordinary people can’t do.
The key to extraordinary performance is a willingness to exert persistent effort. That means keeping a constant eye out for better ways of doing things, whatever it may be, and sharing what we learn with others; as a way of making a difference in the life of others and our communities.