Take Charge of Your Life – And Be Amazing!

March 5, 2024

It doesn’t matter what you drive – What matters is what drives You.

We all know you can’t drive a car by simply starting it and jumping into the back seat, expecting it to take you where you would like to go. Yet, many of us do that with our lives. We have the car, we have the fuel, and we have the open road; however, we often fail to take hold of the wheel of life and drive forward to a destination with determination, focus, and purpose. I truly believe that we have all been blessed with everything we need to live up to our potential and create a larger vision for our lives: however, we still have to take action to get to where we need to be or want to be.

As you look toward the future, I challenge you to hone in on your true purpose. How? By creating a personal mission statement and “Taking Charge” of moving your life forward. No one can do that for you – so go ahead and start living up to your potential and creating a larger vision for your life. Remember: It’s Never Too Late – To Be Amazing!!

Consider the following…

Create Your Personal Mission / Vision Statement

Most successful people will say that their road to personal success began with the creation of a personal mission and vision statement. Then – they applied their talents and resources to achieve their goals. Many of us find it difficult to take the time necessary to create our much-needed road map: our Mission and Vision statements. However, doing so and then actually implementing our plan is vital to our success in life.

Many times a mission and vision process starts with a feeling, an idea, or a desired outcome for the future. Just think – many great athletes saw themselves winning a major sporting event when they were still children. Many entrepreneurs have turned simple inspirations into lucrative ventures.

Evaluating your talents, assessing the state of your life, and constantly updating your skills are all important things that help you narrow down what your mission, vision, and purpose in life might be. When it comes to your mission and vision, always be patient; as it may take time to develop and see. Also – always remember that your mission and vision are powerful beacons that help guide and inspire you to live up to your potential and create that larger vision for your life.

The Plan – The Plan – The Plan

Creating your mission and vision statement is the very beginning – the seed. Before it can grow into something real, it needs to be established into a step-by-step format. This is where a plan comes in. Plans help you achieve your goals and make your vision a reality. Remember – any goals to which you commit yourself needs a plan to get you there.

Plans are valuable assets and will let you know what to do with the daily choices and opportunities you are presented with each day. Also, plans cost you very little up-front investment yet they can offer a tremendous lifetime return; especially when you consider that plans possess these outstanding attributes:

  • It’s a stress reducer.
    With a plan, you have direction. A plan is similar to having a GPS on a road trip to a place you have never been. Without it, you are likely to get lost; but with it, you will know you are on the right course.
  • It’s an ordering principle.
    When you are faced with many options, goals, and opportunities, a plan helps you sort and prioritize them.
  • It’s a measuring tool.
    You are unique, so comparing yourself with others to assess your progress is not effective. However, when you measure what you have done against your plan, you get a truer picture of where you are.
  • It’s flexible.
    Circumstances change, goals change, and emphases shift. An effective plan can accommodate these changes. Re-evaluate your plan regularly in light of the changes, and don’t hesitate to rework your plan as necessary.
  • It makes you more effective.
    With a plan to guide you, you can focus on what is important and eliminate the unimportant things that get in the way of you realizing your goals and dreams. Motivate yourself and commit to living up to your potential and creating a larger vision for your life.

It’s Never Too Late to live up to your potential and create a larger vision for your life.
“The Challenge”
Take Charge Of Your Life – And Be Amazing!