Willie Johnson is America's #1 Ambassador of Potentiality. He is a motivational speaker and consultant who specializes in the areas of professional development, communication effectiveness, leadership, and personal development. His writings are designed to teach you life lessons and aimed to not only uplift but also motivate you.

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January 2022

Attitude – Attitude – Attitude

Your attitude is not determined by circumstances, but by how you respond to circumstances. Your mind determines your attitude, you can respond positively or negatively. It’s how you react to the event, not the events themselves, that determine your attitude. As you continue to look to the future, and press forward in this new year […]

Secrets of Making Mistakes and Screwing Up

If you don’t learn from making your mistakes there’s no sense in making them. I believe when it comes right down to it, the secret of making mistakes and screwing up is an interesting concept. Years ago, I used to wonder why I had, what I considered to be, more than my share of bad […]

December 2021

Developing Valued Relationships

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am a self-made success?” We all have; however, the fact of the matter is simply this – there is no such thing as a self-made success. Sure, someone may have put in a lot of individual effort, but it just isn’t possible to become a success all by […]

Unrelenting Drive

My experience up to this point in my lifetime has shown that people from all walks of life, and from all different cultures, lifestyles, and ages have become exceptionally successful. So, what’s the formula? I have wondered: Is it a gene? Is it the lifestyle we grew up with? Was there a pivotal point in […]

November 2021

A Re-Look At The “YOU” In Attitude

As we continue to deal with COVID, mental stresses and the question: “Where do I go from here?” – I’m thinking we need to be reminded about the “you” in attitude.  Why?  Because even though we are going through trying times, I believe it is still possible to live up to our potential and create […]

Are You Preparing Yourself for Success – Or Failure?

Depending on how you are approaching your life and managing your time, you are either preparing yourself for success – or you are preparing yourself for failure. Now, I truly believe that people have the will to succeed. I don’t doubt that for a moment. But I think the real reason more people aren’t successful […]