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February 2017

How to boost your market value

In our age of rapid change, highly competitive job markets, business restructuring, and a project-based economy, there are few guarantees in the workplace. Every year thousands of employees find themselves forced to find new jobs; many in unfamiliar fields. Too often, many are unprepared to make the necessary changes. So – The question is this: […]

Musings on Personal Growth

Through this blog post entitled “Musing on Personal Growth”, my plan is to share with you, statements I have heard, that have helped and inspired me along my journey. I share them in hopes that they may inspire you to take action on something you have been putting off, or to think more deeply about […]

Communication & The Power of Nice

“Negotiating Basics” With the “Power of Nice” you can: Make deals Build relationships. Make more deals. *Important Note: Don’t negotiate with kids. Chances are, you will lose* When it comes to making deals and building relationships, effective communication will be a key to your negotiating success. On the other hand – ineffective communication will be […]

January 2017

Strategies for Moving From Success to Significance

If It Is “2” Be – It Is Up “2” Me Due our constantly churning, and unpredictable world today, I believe it is more important than ever before, that we charter a course to move from success to significance and become a natural champion in life. In charting this course, I would suggest there are […]

“Enthusiasm” – A Way To Get Rid Of Fatigue

Energy is lost when the fuel of working is not sparked by something dynamic such as enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes your functon bettr. It relieves tensions. It establishes ecstasy and counteracts dangerous complicatons leading to heart attcks, stomach ulcers, and high blood pressure; which is just a sampling of the illnesses of our tmes. They are […]

November 2016

Leadership – The L.O.V.E Effect

L eaders are all around us, without realizing they play a part in our everyday lives. They come disguised in many different names and titles; manager, director, vice president, consultant, and the list goes on. The truth is simply this – the path towards leadership comes in the form of a pyramid. That’s because leadership […]