March 2016

The Key to Success is Failure

The Key to Success is Failure By: Willie Johnson  “The Ambassador of Potentiality” Throughout my life and career – I have found that too many people give up too easily. When confronted by something new, many people try a couple of times and without experiencing success, they walk away. They write it off […]

February 2016

You’ve Got to be Motivated!

  Willie Johnson, The Ambassador of Potentiality, Basically, there are three types of motivation: rewards, punishment and self-motivation. Rewards and punishment are external motivators and usually take the form of tangible items. For example, parents often use rewards to get children to perform specific behavior. “If you clean your room, I’ll give you $10.” […]

First Class Individuals Don’t Fly Coach

  – Because Coach is always Over-Crowded! When you are a 1st class individual, the first thing you must do is “Mind Your Own Business”. I will never forget that one Sunday afternoon when I got the chance to speak one-on-one with a former truck driver. This former truck driver had a 7th grade formal […]

January 2016

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Willie Johnson – The Ambassador of Potentiality As you look toward the future – FY2016 to be exact, I challenge you to put on your entrepreneurial hat, and not only think about the things you wish to accomplish; but also reflect on how you can and will use the knowledge gained during FY 2015 to […]

September 2015

Roadway to Success

How could you possibly succeed in life if you have no idea as to what you want out of or in life? How can you enjoy your life’s journey, if you don’t know where you’re headed? To what extent have you identified exactly what you what? Yes, going through life without knowing what you want, […]