Steps To Choosing The Right Attitude

Your attitude is the number one quality that makes everything else possible.  Positive thinking creates a positive attitude.  Attitude determines your outcome…

One of the things that allow us as individuals to become successful is our attitude.  We must take personal responsibility for that!  Why?  We are responsible for our life.  Period.

When it comes to choosing the right attitude, in the face of encountered situations and problems, let me just say, successful individuals don’t have fewer problems than individuals who are unsuccessful – they just have a different mindset in dealing with problems and situations.  That being said – let’s take a look at four steps that can help you achieve an attitude that will be a positive difference maker in your life.

Step 1:  Evaluate Your Present Attitude

When it comes to dealing with problems and situations, I belief most of us have a habit of going for the quick fix instead of taking a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and evaluate the best options before we act.  Instead of doing that, we must take time to evaluate problems and situations on the front end more diligently and thoroughly; so as not to create extra work and grief for ourselves.  In other words, we need to get our minds wrapped around the problem or situation at hand, before diving in.  Looking at these three stages of evaluation can help.

  • Identify Problem Feelings:  What attitude make you feel the most negative about yourself?  Usually feelings can be sensed before the problem is clarified.
  • Identify Problem Behavior:  What attitudes cause you the most problems when dealing with others?
  • Identify Problem Thinking: We are the sum of our thoughts.  What thoughts control your mind?

Step 2:  Have A Burning Desire To Change

No choice will determine the success of your change in attitude more than a burning desire to change.  When it’s all said and done, and if all else fails, desire alone can keep you heading in the right direction.  Remember this: For a life filled with vitality and positive results, make sure everything you do is done with the positive energy of a burning desire.

“Change is constant – Growth is optional” –  Choose to “grow” by having a burning desire to change.

Step 3:  Change Your Attitude By Changing Your Thoughts

As stated in Step 2 above – You must have a burning desire to change; especially when it comes to your attitude and your thoughts. That which holds our attention determines our action; and nothing happens until you take massive action.   William James, the “Father of American psychology” said, “One of the most important discoveries made by my generation is that by changing our attitudes, we can change our lives.  It’s a choice we all have.”

Step 4:  Manage Your Attitude Daily

The Legendary UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden said, “Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”   Always remember:

  • Your winning attitude must come from within
  • The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.


The choices you make every day, determine the quality of the life you live.