Secrets of Making Mistakes and Screwing Up

If you don’t learn from making your mistakes there’s no sense in making them.

I believe when it comes right down to it, the secret of making mistakes and screwing up is an interesting concept. Years ago, I used to wonder why I had, what I considered to be, more than my share of bad luck. I usually suffered terrible consequences, while others seemed to go through life unscathed even though they messed up too. It was only later in life that I learned the real secrets to screwing up.

Today, I have come to understand there is a big difference between screwing up because of my bad habits and messing up because I was trying to better myself. That’s when I learned I didn’t have to be afraid of making mistakes.

Making mistakes is all part of living life.

Always keep trying!  Reach higher than you have ever reached!  Go for it! Make some mistakes! Listen, our greatest learning opportunities will come from getting out there and going for it.  When this happens, not all our decisions or all the things we do will be right. Our inexperience or lack of being prepared will cause us to fail. In short, we cannot get out of our comfort zone and go where we have never gone before without making some mistakes. Yes, we cannot attempt things we have never done before without some failures.

We all make mistakes and screw up. That’s OK! This is how we learn. I believe the more mistakes we make, the more we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. I also believe that people who are really good at something understand this and allow for mistakes and failure.

People who are really good at something have failed many times – People who never fail are never really good at anything.

Everyone has been there before and survived, so don’t feel that we are being singled out. If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not growing, and we start stagnating. Go ahead, make some mistakes; it’s part of life’s learning and growing process.

Let’s not forget these three things:

  1. The only time a problem becomes a problem is when we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. That’s not learning; that’s just plain carelessness.
  2. If we’re going to screw up, let’s do it because we are trying to better ourselves.
  3. Although we all make mistakes and screw up at times – just admit it and continue striving to be all that you can be.