The Greatness – The Difference Within – The Sweet Spot

Today, I want to challenge You to do something that will change your life forever. I want You to find a mirror right now and take a long hard look at the person starring back at You. There is greatness in that person. Yes, I mean there is greatness in You; and You are the difference maker in your life; embrace it and find your Sweet Spot.

There Is Greatness Within You!

The fact is simply this: You came into this world with greatness and you carry it within you wherever you go. I challenge you to embrace and be proud of that fact. If you don’t recognize the greatness within you, you will certainly start looking for something inferior to carry within you. So, as you begin and or continue to embrace the greatness within you – “Never” let anyone tell You what You can’t do! There is nothing that is big enough to stop you if you don’t want to be stopped.

You Are The Difference!

  • Fact: The difference between making positive or negative choices in your life begins with You.
  • Fact: The difference between making things happen and or waiting for things to happen in your life begins with you.
  • Fact: It can be both amazing and rewarding when you initiate taking charge and ownership of your life, regarding what you really and seriously have need or desire to experience. When your possibilities are constantly in your thoughts; when your hopes and aspirations are constant reminders of what you desire to experience; and when you know there exist more experiences that is awaiting your arrival and participation; you must accept the fact that the difference begins with you!

The Difference Begins With You!

Based on the three facts listed above, I challenge you to continually move forward in life, and give yourself the best possible opportunity to be the difference between doing and waiting. Productive and successful individuals have three major qualities in common. The first quality is that all these individuals are proactive versus being reactive; meaning they identify and put into motion the appropriate attitudes, emotions, and behaviors that will move them towards what they want to experience. The second thing these individuals have in common is that they are productive and action-oriented. While intentionally moving forward, they are active participants in initiating change and not sitting back observing what is happening. The third quality these individuals have in common is that they are results-driven. They are fully aware that there is a major difference between doing something and doing something that brings about the right results.

Find Your Sweet Spot

What is the process of finding your sweet spot? First of all, you must ask yourself:

  • “What is my magnificent obsession?”
  • “What do I do best, or what do I love?”

What brings you joy, or gets you excited? What brings out the percussion point in you? Is it music, dancing, painting, working on antique cars, surf-boarding, etc? These things can produce happiness and possibly bring you much success. You may encounter some defeats and setbacks through the process of finding your sweet spot. That’s OK! That’s a part of the growth process. Make sure that you are specific about what you want out of life; and be committed to whatever that is, and success will follow.

In closing – Find your sweet spot in life, remember there is greatness within you, and always remember that whatever you want to experience for yourself during this one lifetime – the difference begins with You.