Attitude into Action

As we continue to press forward, through this Christmas holiday season of 2019, and look forward to the coming of a new year, 2020, I challenge us all to applaud our 2019 efforts and results; even the setbacks. [In the words of Willie Jolley “A setback is just a setup for a comeback:]  If not already completed, I also challenge us all to set new goals for 2020 that will take us to an even higher pinnacle, as we continue to create a larger vision for our life.

When it comes to setting goals and creating a larger vision for our life, I firmly believe the process starts with developing and maintaining a positive, mental attitude.  Therefore, through this blog post, I want to share the following strategies which can help turn our Attitude Into Action.

  • Understand the Power of Attitude: Turning attitude into action, begins with developing positives attitudes and your inner vision.  To that end, we must be learning to say something positive to everybody all the time.  Many will say that’s not possible; however,   I didn’t say we had to do it –  I said we had to be learning to do it.  There is nothing that will brighten the atmosphere like an enthusiastic person who offers a few positive words to others.
  • Choose to take control of our life: This step helps us recognize how our choices impact our success.  Throughout our life, we will encounter varying stimuli, and based on that stimuli, there will be varying responses “BUT” between that stimuli and response is our power to choose; based on our self-awareness, imagination, conscientiousness, or independent will.  Therefore, by developing a pro-active and positive approach to life, we will be better prepared in creating that larger vision for our life.
  • Identify through self-awareness the attitudes that hold us back or propel us forward. In all that we do – we must keep our head up and keep shooting for the stars.
  • Find our life’s Purpose and Passion: Understanding the importance of living our life with purpose and passion is critical to achieving success in 2020 and beyond.
  • Learn how to motivate ourselves: Self-motivation can work wonders.  (i.e., positive affirmations, positive greetings, spiritual empowerment, positive self-talk, and humor)
  • Build and Develop Supportive Relationships: Nobody makes it alone in this world; nobody!  We all need supportive relationships, especially when it comes to getting through challenging times.
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy: The best thing we can do to build a healthy attitude is to get involved in something greater than ourselves.  Reach out and touch someone, and make a difference in the lives of our family, friends and community.

There Is Greatness Within You  –  Your Best Is Yet To Come!