The Joys of Christmas

A Time For Giving

  • Tis the season for being thankful and for giving. And that doesn’t necessarily mean running a conveyor belt of gifts from the Mall into the hands of the needy or the greedy. Certainly there is a time and place for material things, particularly if the potential recipients are hungry or homeless. Many people however, could use things that cost little or nothing; a boost of spirit, a visit, a listening ear, or a kind word. Sometimes they don’t even need a kind word if we would just refrain from the bad things we are saying about them. I’m not referring to anyone reading this article; it’s those other people!

A Time To Help Others

  • As you celebrate with family and friends this year, I pray that you will take the time this season to reach down to help someone, to reach out to support someone, to reach up to grasp the ideas and ideals that have brought you this far, and to look up to even greater expectations for the future. Remember – whatever doubts and fears you may have, or whatever you feel you may lack, that somebody somewhere wants to be just like you!

A Time To Think “SAFETY”

In the name of safety – remember that anywhere there is a Santa, the Grinch is probably close by, ready to rob, steal, deceive, and turn your Christmas season into something very unhappy. Here are several things that you could do to keep the Grinch at bay:

  • As you continue to do holiday shopping, pay attention to who may be watching you.
  • In the name of safety, check out to help protect what’s yours.
  • When in doubt, lean toward common sense.
  • As you travel, do so safely.
  • If you must go to that mall with the dimly light parking lot – take a friend.

A Time To Be Money Smart

  • AVOID the holiday “Debt Trap”. Be savvy – Don’t get caught up in the hype – Don’t blow your budget purchasing sentiments.
  • Don’t get sucked into that last minute internet deal or unsolicited telephone call that is too good to be true. (It probably isn’t)
  • Exercise reason, restraint, and respect during this holiday season.

There you have it, WillieJay’s Christmas Blog of 2018.   I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry and Blessed  Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Please celebrate what you will, and be happy for those who are celebrating the rest, including life itself!