First Class Individuals Don’t Fly Coach


Because Coach is always Over-Crowded!

When you are a 1st class individual, the first thing you must do is “Mind Your Own Business”. I will never forget that one Sunday afternoon when I got the chance to speak one-on-one with a former truck driver. This former truck driver had a 7th grade formal education, but a master’s degree in Common Sense. His name was J.B. Before his untimely death in December of 2006, J.B. was one of the billionaires listed on the Forbes riches people in America listing.

After a bit of chit chat – I hit J.B. with a question I am sure each of you reading this blog would have asked – I said J.B.; will you give me one, just one, of the keys to your success in life? Without hesitation, he pulled off his Stetson hat, looked at me and said “sure – mind your own business”. As you might imagine, I was taken aback by that response so I folded my arms and said “what? Can you run that by me again? He said sure – “Mind your own business.” It was at that very moment that I got it. J.B. was simply telling me that if I wanted to have success and fly 1st class in life – I had to take personal responsibility to making that happen by minding my own business.

Wow – So Simple, yet so very true. First Class individuals don’t fly coach! They mind their own business and fly First Class, because coach is always over crowded.

When you are a First Class Individual, the second thing you must do is: “Never Let Anyone Set You Up For Failure.” I learned that from my younger brother during a time when he was, I’m sad to say, in prison. Not only was he in prison – he had an incurable cancer.

During a visit, I casually asked what he had learned most, during all the time he had to just sit and think. He answered by telling me something that I will never forget. He said “that’s easy”. “Be mentally driven to stay in control and never let anyone set you up for failure”. Wow!! It doesn’t get any plainer than that. First Class Individuals must always be the captain of their life.

I close by asking – Are you a First Class Individual? If not – just know that you can be First Class. There are many steps to the process of becoming; however, I have listed two of the steps through this post.

  1. Mind Your Own Business…
  2. Be Mentally Driven – to Stay in Control and Never Let Anyone Set You Up For Failure….

Always remember – it is your responsibility to fly “First Class” – because “Coach” is always over-crowded.