You’ve Got to be Motivated!


Willie Johnson, The Ambassador of Potentiality,

Basically, there are three types of motivation: rewards, punishment and self-motivation. Rewards and punishment are external motivators and usually take the form of tangible items. For example, parents often use rewards to get children to perform specific behavior. “If you clean your room, I’ll give you $10.” Rewards are often used in business as well. “Do well on this project and you’ll get a raise or bonus. Punishment is just the opposite of reward. If you do or don’t do some specific behavior you’ll get a negative result – for example, “if you don’t clean your room, I’ll take away your Xbox privileges.” Usually rewards and punishment are controlled by someone other than ourselves, such as a parent, boss, organization or society. Rewards and punishment can be quite effective in motivating us to produce a specific behavior, but often have only a short-term effect. If you notice that rewards and punishment greatly help you to succeed, you may want to establish your own system of rewards and punishments to get yourself to achieve more.

A key to success is establishing the Self-Motivation Cycle. For lasting motivation, you generally need to become self-motivated. Self-motivation is usually the product of personal satisfaction associated with the accomplishment of a task. The individual has developed the association that the completion of the task will result in pleasurable feelings, which in turn will build motivation. Self-motivation can become addictive. Individuals can develop the Self-Motivation Cycle.

Self-Motivation Cycle

This cycle, which is a trait of top achievers, can have dramatic, positive side effects such as feelings of well-being, accomplishment and improved self-image, not to mention business, personal and financial success. Often the feelings of satisfaction are tied to individual values being met.


Your personal motivation level determines your success or lack of success. Most individuals fall into the category of the unmotivated or ride the roller coaster of motivation, up and down like a yo-yo.

Don’t be like a yo-yo – Be Motivated!