Entrepreneurial Thinking

Willie Johnson – The Ambassador of Potentiality

As you look toward the future – FY2016 to be exact, I challenge you to put on your entrepreneurial hat, and not only think about the things you wish to accomplish; but also reflect on how you can and will use the knowledge gained during FY 2015 to make FY2016 an even more prosperous year for you and your entrepreneurial ventures.

As I looked back over this past year and reflected on the new business venture I started in January 2015; I found several entrepreneurial attributes I wish I’d had a better handle on; early on. Through this blog post, I will be sharing three (3) of those attributes with you as “food for thought”, as you continue to develop and hone your FY2016 Success Plan/Strategy.

Entrepreneurial Attribute #1: Embrace Reality-Testing – the ability to look reality square in the eye.

I discovered that we entrepreneurs are often too close to our business to be objective about it; and there’s another very important reason to ensure you collaborate with a Coach. Our passion and drive for what we do can consume us so much that it can often make seeing things as they are, rather than as you’d like them to be, difficult.

That eternal optimism that makes for great entrepreneurship should never be suppressed, however, it can also blind side us. Therefore, I believe we must develop an uncanny ability to face reality and see what needs to be done to make things better.

Entrepreneurial Attribute #2: The ability to prioritize what’s important and what’s not so important.

I discovered that we entrepreneurs are rarely looking for things to do; however, being busy doesn’t mean we are being effective. It’s hard to admit, but I myself was seduced by the illusion that activity means progress and accomplishment. Wow! I am glad that I am no longer seduced by that kind of thinking.

As an entrepreneur, I believe we all fall into the trap of believing we’re achieving when we’re busy. In most cases I found that ‘busyness’ isn’t good for business.

Prioritizing is hard work, I can’t deny that. I do believe however, that it’s tough because we have not been programmed to do it. The implication of avoidance can be disastrous.

Entrepreneurial Attribute #3: We must be willing to get out of our comfort zone – but stay in our strength zone. During this past year, through trial and error, I found that for one to be at their most productive self, they needed to be aware of (and work within) their natural gifts and strengths. (What are your strengths?)

In closing, I urge you to not only invest time looking toward the future and those things you wish to accomplish in FY2016 and beyond; but also invest time to reflect on this past year of FY2015, and the lessons learned. Your entrepreneurial success just might depend on it.