Be The CEO of You, Inc.

In my first published book, “It’s Never Too Late To Live Up To Your Potential”, I shared 11 stand alone insights for living successful, meaningful, and purposeful lives. This was my action step of letting people know that it doesn’t matter what stage of life they are going through – their value is unlimited, and that it’s possible to positively impact their life, the life of others, and their communities.

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Through this article, I share additional insights and strategies on how to be of value within your organization by releasing the forces within you; that ultimately allow you to live up to your potential.

Let’s get started:

See the Big Picture

So you are not the CEO – yet. Nonetheless, if you want to get ahead within your organization and live up to your potential, you need to begin today, not tomorrow, to think as if you were. Indeed, always observe and think of yourself as being the CEO of You, Inc.

Throughout my 25 year corporate working experience, yes, I did in fact work for someone else. However, I was always in charge of “me”. I did not sit around waiting on someone else to manage my career, or even choose professional development workshops for me to attend. I took personal responsibility for that because I knew my personal desires and goals. If my personal desires and goals were to be attained, I had to be responsible and accountable for that. As a business owner today, I shudder to think where I might if I did not focus on the big picture during my corporate working experience.

Be an Optimizer

Here is another way to view this see the big picture idea. Take advantage of every opportunity to work closely with a Mentor. Volunteer within your community to share your knowledge and possible resources. Be the person in your field that others seek out. Let’s face it – theses strategies have proven time and time again to work whether you are working for someone else or whether you’re a business owner. In other words, your value is unlimited and you must take the reins of being the CEO of You, Inc.

Mind Your Business

As the CEO of You, Inc – Your position in business gives you power. You should never use it for anything but business. You will be sorry if you don’t! And don’t think for one moment that you can move up in your organization by pulling others down. I have seen on several occasions, for example, where my peers brought up the shortcomings of others and that merely encouraged retaliation. The person who had previously had no reason to scrutinize what my peer was doing, now considered themselves to have a motive to do so. Even other team members who may have trusted and respected my peer before, may now have second thoughts.

Keep your resume updated

Your organizational superiors will not tell you this, however I will – “keep your resume updated!” Believe it or not, as the CEO of You, Inc. you will do far better work for your current employer knowing that you could, if necessary, go elsewhere. The self-confidence and internal peace that come from knowing that every few months you might hear about a possible alternative to your current situation will encourage you to be frank and creative. Your superiors will want to hear your frank assessments and your realistic plans. If you are confident that you can always get another job, you will feel strong enough in yourself and in your overall career situation to deal in the truth.

Be Honest

As the CEO of You, Inc – Honesty must be more than just a policy to you. It must be your constant core value. You are constantly being observed and evaluated. Anyone, to include family members, who sees you take an ethical shortcut with another person is put on notice. You may do the same with them. Never put yourself in that position. Live your life and perform as the CEO of You, Inc. without even considering dishonesty.

Develop Your Communication Skills

As the CEO of You, Inc. it is imperative that you continually work at improving your writing and interpersonal communication skills. You have seen me write in my articles, numerous times before that “Communication is not only the key to your success – It is the key to your organizations’ success. Need I say more?