The Power of Love

Love is the strongest force in the universe.

The power of love, which is so infinite, so great and so magnificent, is indeed the key that unlocked my dreams. Love can also be your key to life’s secrets. Just let love generate and flow out of you.

Think of love as the center of a wheel, with components such as attitude, self-esteem, commitment, integrity, giving, imagination, enthusiasm and faith all jutting out as the spokes of the wheel. Each of these ingredients has a power of its own and the power of love is focused through them. By living my life in tune with these principles, I have achieved inner peace and many of the goals of my dreams.

You too can achieve inner peace and reach many of the goals of your dreams. Just remember that love is a force that is generated inside each and every one of us. Since it’s there, you might as well use it.

Just what is love to you?

The love I mean is more than anything you’ve ever dreamed or thought possible. It encompasses all of life and is not segmented in any way. It is love, deeply rooted in spirituality, with God as its true source. When you are at peace with yourself, you can experience love for yourself. You don’t simply love yourself, but rather, you love everything and everything is love.

When I started allowing love to express itself through my daily actions, my life ceased to be a struggle. Love became the magnet that attracted the very best of everything; positive relationships, a terrific outlook on life, and the attainment of many of my goals.

Love can do this for you too…. Just remember – It’s never too late for you to re-examine your beliefs and values and make changes in your life – changes that allow love to flourish.