Six Key Ideas for Success

When asked what it takes to succeed in life, Willie is quick to share several key ideas with his corporate and non-corporate audiences:

“Keep Your Integrity and Never Compromise Your Character”
Integrity is a moral value which means that a person is the same on the inside as they claim to be on the outside. A person of integrity can be trusted. “Trust” being the foundation of any lasting friendly relationship.

“Develop and Maintain A Positive and Winning Attitude”
Your attitude, today, determines success for tomorrow. Yes, attitude impacts everything you do.

“Choose To Take Charge of Your Life”
When finding your purpose and passion you will learn to transform your attitude in action. You must accept responsibility for what goes on inside your mind by monitoring your internal dialogue. Just remember, your choices determine your happiness and affect your success.

“You Cannot Have A Positive Life and a Negative Mind”
Learn to discipline your mind and thoughts you fill it with. It is not the mountain we conquer, but our minds.

“Success Is for Everyone”
The reality is that success and fulfillment is knowing who you are and what your purpose in life is and helping others along the way.

“Before Anything Else, Getting Ready Is The Secret of Success”
By identifying your goals you will determine your priorities. Your goals will then map out your actions and your actions will create results.