Musings on Personal Growth

Through this blog post entitled “Musing on Personal Growth”, my plan is to share with you, statements I have heard, that have helped and inspired me along my journey. I share them in hopes that they may inspire you to take action on something you have been putting off, or to think more deeply about a pressing concern. You may not embrace each statement; however, I challenge you to at least give it some thought. Enjoy. {Note: These are statements and or quotes I have heard or read over time; and have internalized them. I cannot credit anyone to any specific person.}

  • Take the Offensive: When you choose to be on the offensive, the atmosphere of your life will begin to change. It’s a decision made from within.

  • Persistence: Persistence is a habit – so is quitting. Therefore, the choice of giving up or going on is a defining moment in your life.

  • Be an Optimist: A smile adds to your face value.

  • Soar with Eagles: Misery loves company, but you don’t have to join them. If you associate with eagles – you will learn how to soar.

  • Worry and Fear: Worry is simply allowing fear to triumph over what you believe. Therefore; never let worry and fear direct your life.

  • Speaking: Communication is the “key” to your professional and personal success.

  • Goals: Write it down! When you commit something to writing, commitment to achievement naturally follows.

  • Choice: (A) Choose today, whom you will serve. (B) Choose today, to take on challenges and opportunities to build on your talents, gifts, and strengths.

  • Success and Work: Striving for success without had work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.

  • Change and Growth: Change is constant – Growth is optional

Thank you for taking the time to read my “musings”. I hope that some, if not all, touched you as they have touched me. As always, comments are welcomed; and I would love to hear from you; sharing some of your musings. Visit my website at: where you will find a link to purchase a copy of my book: “It’s Never Too Late – To Live Up To Your Potential” from Amazon.Com.