Let’s Have Real Dialogue and Real Action

As we look within, at the various situations going on in our country, including that of COVID-19, one of the biggest concerns that stand out to me, is that discriminatory practices and racism hurts our children, in real and fundamental ways. In short, I believe it hurts our children’s chances for a good and successful life.

When it comes to discrimination, and racism for that matter, we need to know that it is those beliefs that forms our actions; especially when we structure opportunities for and assign value to people based on our interpretation of how they look. Instead, we need to understand that biologically we are truly just one race, sharing what I believe to be 99% of our genes, no matter what the color of our skin or what part of the world we come from. (The color of my blood is red. What is the color of your blood? I am 100 percent sure it is also red.)

One of the questions I ponder is this: “How can we help change the course on discrimination and racism?” One thing for sure is that I do not have all the answers, however, here are some things I believe we can all do immediately.

  • Have deep, empathetic, and honest dialogue.
  • Move beyond “Ready – Set – Set – Ready – Set – Set… and move to “Ready – Set – Go.” and take deliberate action.
  • We can take a hard look at ourselves, take stock of our beliefs and our biases, and work to change them.
  • We can think about and change how we talk about each other, as individuals, and as a society.
  • We can speak up when we hear or see discrimination and racism in any form.
  • We can talk to our children about discrimination and racism, and teach them healthier ways to think about themselves and each other.
  • We can be sure our laws truly protect all people, not just some people.

Our children are our future. Let’s begin today, through “deep and honest dialogue”, and make it a better country and world for them.