Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude & Seek Out Positive People

Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude & Seek Out Positive People

By: Willie Johnson – The Ambassador of Potentiality

There are two kinds of people in the world – positive people and negative people. Optimistic, positive people jump out of bed in the morning and say, “Good Morning , Lord!” Pessimistic, negative people pull the covers up over their heads and moan, Good Lord, it’s morning!” Which kind of person are you?

Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, the choice as to how you will be in the future is yours, and yours alone. If you are like the people who are not happy unless they are miserable, you can stay that way. If you want to be joyful, enthusiastic, and excited about life, you can be, regardless of your circumstances. “It’s never too late to create a larger vision for your life.”

In my humble opinion – the first rule in developing a positive mental attitude is: act positively, and you will become positive! You can’t think your way into acting positively, but you can act your way into thinking positively.

I further submit to you that the second rule in developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude is: seek out people who have positive mental attitudes, and spend more of your available time with them! People do affect our outlook. For example, I was watching a movie where a man was about to jump off a high bridge and commit suicide; when another man came along and the two sat down to talk. After about 45 minutes, both of the men jumped of the bridge. How tragic! Who affected who’s outlook?

In fact, many people conspire to give us a negative outlook on life. For example, the nature of reality television and news reporting is such that we see and hear much more about the bad than the good. It’s amazing to me, how TV producers can get people to appear on Jerry Springer like shows. And think about it – we always hear about the plane that crashes or disappears, not about the thousands of planes that land safely, each and every day. Even weather reporters and analysts warn us of a 10% chance of rain, instead of a 90% change of a beautiful day.

When you spend time with successful and positive people, and not with negative and toxic people, they will reinforce your positive attitudes about life; because people who respect themselves and their abilities can help you feel good about yourself and your abilities.

In closing – If “misery loves company,” let them have it! Spend your time with people from whom you can draw strength and to whom you can give strength.