Give Yourself Permission To Win In 2019

Wow – It’s Almost- 2019!! 

As you begin mapping out your strategic goals for 2019 and beyond   – realize that you have the power to Live Up To Your Potential, Create A Larger Vision For Your Life and Manifest Your Greatness. Yes – you have the power to be, to do, and to have whatever you truly desire.  In fact, I would submit that you are much more powerful than you could ever imagine, and if you are not manifesting your greatness, it is probably because you do not fully understand the power of goals and goal setting.  There – I said it… My thought around  goals & goal setting

Based on my statement above, I would challenge you to be creative and make this your best year ever.  How do you do that you ask?  Great question – and there are many good answers.  However, through this writing, I will focus on the strategies of  “Establishing Goals”.   Why?  It is through your goals that you will be able to see and or visualize your vision.  Let’s face it – you goals are really an extension of your dreams, and a reflections of your interests.

It should go without saying – unless you devote some thought toward creating truly meaningful goals, it does absolutely no good to set goals.  For example, hot-shots and criminals have goals, so does a minister.  I submit to you that the difference is found in the quality of their internal vision and focus. Let’s take a look at the process; which can be broken down into three simple steps:

  • Starting The Goal

Planning requires an ability to first visualize your future and then creating the strategy for navigating it.  We will never know where to direct our path if we do not know our destination.

  • Obtaining The Necessary Facts

We must determine where we can obtain the most accurate facts relevant to our goals to assist us.

  •  Making the Plan

Although making a plan is important, you should not worry about making a perfect plan. Life happens, and you will need to be able to make adjustments along the way.  Always remember that your plan’s chief function is to get you focused and started down the correct path.  It is also important to note here, that without goals, chances are extremely high that you will not even get started.   A dream without a goal is similar to taking a road trip without a GPS or old school road map.  You will definitely arrive somewhere, but where will it be? 

To have the best chance at achieving your dreams, It is necessary to set specific, and measureable goals that are compatible with your dreams.  The next step is to break down your goals into small action items and list activities that will help you attain your goals.  You must also develop a detailed and scheduled action plan, that allows you to take one step at a time, in the movement toward your goals accomplishments.

Statistics show that most people don’t set goals for themselves. Isn’t it tragic – The consequence is that they will find themselves holding a sign that say “Anywhere”; which implies  they will settle for any destination… don’t be like most people – instead, be creative and establish realistic goals for yourself.

As a final footnote for this article, I want to lay out the following six (6) guidelines on establishing goals:

  1. Your Goals Must Be Realistic: Just as your vision for a better life should be grounded in reality versus fantasy, your goals must be reasonably attainable.
  2. Your Goals Must Be Meaningful: The goals that you set must be focused on your vision.  Therefore, you should not set goals that do not have a definite direction.
  3. Your Goals Must Be Well-Defined: How are you going to get to where you want to be if you do not have well-defined goals?
  4. Your Goals Must Excite You: Here, the emphasis must be on “you” because this is the vision for your life.
  5. Your Goals Require Positive Action: The primary purpose for setting goals is not only to motivate you, but to also get you started in the right direction.
  6. Your Goals Should Not Isolate You: While being in-tune with where you want to go is important, do not forget to consider what you want to become.

Good luck with establishing and setting your 2019 goals.

May the “Force” be with you…