Audio Archive : Conflict Resolution Tele-seminar – October 2015

Dealing with Everyday Conflict:
Learn how to handle difficult conversations, defuse tense situations and eliminate workplace conflict!

The average manager spends 35% of his/her time (about two days per week!) dealing with workplace conflicts. And there isn’t a manager around who won’t be faced with a conflict situation at some time. Whether it’s a difficult conversation with a poor-performing employee…or mediation between two clashing personalities on the team…or gossip, back-biting and office politics – conflict is a certainty.

As much as you’d like to avoid conflict, you can’t (or shouldn’t)…because when left unresolved, conflict will:

Promote distrust and destroy morale.

Lower your team’s (and your) productivity.

Waste valuable time and energy.

Lead to employee turnover.

Your ability to handle difficult conversations and defuse conflict situations will absolutely determine your success as a leader.

But maybe you don’t feel confident in your skills? Maybe you’ve been avoiding conflict simply because you don’t feel adequately equipped to address it? Maybe you’re simply not confident?

The good news is that you are not alone and you have the power to choose how you deal with the conflict, meaning you can directly affect the outcome of any conflict.

In this powerful teleseminar, Certified Human Development Consultant and DISC Instructor, Willie Johnson, will give you the tools you need to help approach and deal with any conflict interaction. You will be introduced to the three stages in working out conflicts. 

You’ll learn:

         The behaviors, consequences, assumptions and contributing factors of conflict.

         How to be more comfortable preparing for necessary and otherwise uncomfortable conversations

         How to mentally prepare for what you want to say and why

         What you DO and DO NOT want from the conversation

         And much more!

Teleseminar originally aired on Remarkable Learning