DISC Workshops

Our DISC training workshops are designed to give your team members the tools and people skills they need to understand and appreciate the differences in the people they work with. We prefer to use the term Behavioral Styles rather than personalities to describe the behavioral differences in people. We train team members to work together effectively in spite of their behavioral-style differences.

Focus Areas

Diversity and Teamwork
The best teams are made up of people with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences. If the members of the team have strong people skills, the team will be greater than the sum of its parts. But the synergy principle doesn’t apply to teams where the members are unable to develop mutual understanding, trust and respect.

Tool For Behavioral Change
The Language of DISC is a tool that leads to behavioral change. When we clearly see the differences between D’s, I’s, S’s and C’s, we stop treating people the same way. We change the way we communicate with people based on their style; and in the process, the behavior of everyone involved changes. DISC is a tool that builds mutual understanding, communication, teamwork, trust and respect among team members.

How to Motivate Each Style
Ever wonder why certain people don’t seem motivated and others do? Learn how each behavior style is motivated differently.

Effective Communication
Some people just naturally connect. That is because they speak the same ‘language’. Learn to speak fluent DISC and connect to everyone.

Ideal Environments
Ready to grow? When someone operates in their ideal environment, stress is reduced and productivity is increased.