Most Request Topics

Willie Johnson speaks on various topics such as, Customer Care, Diversity, Resolving Conflict, Communication Effectiveness, Understanding Behavior Styles, and Creating a Larger Vision for Your Life. WillieJay’s most requested presentations are:

“Beyond Success” – Making a Difference: In this multi-faceted, humor filled keynote or workshop, WillieJay challenges his audiences to live up to their potential and create a larger vision for their life. His audience walks away understanding the necessity of:

  • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude
  • Distancing themselves from negative people
  • Being more pro-active and less reactive in life
  • Being creative and relentless
  • Being accountable and responsible

It’s Your Career – Own It! In this highly interactive corporate arena keynote or workshop, WillieJay challenges his audience to overcome their fears and to hold nothing back in the pursuit of achieving professional goals. His audiences’ walk away understanding:
Success is in the journey, not the destination
Ways to raise stock value with others

  • Team interaction tactics that produce immediate results
  • Powerful ways to advance in their careers
  • Tips to avoid and resolve conflicts
  • Circumstances just don’t happen, they happen because of the choices you make

Habits of Highly Effective People: In this highly interactive association and corporate arena keynote or workshop, WillieJay challenges his audience to develop the leader within them; by following the principles outlined in the Stephen Covey book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Audiences walk away understanding life and leadership principles such as:

  • Being Pro-Active versus being Reactive
  • Beginning With the End in Mind
  • Thinking Win – Win
  • Seeking First to Understand – Then to be Understood
  • Sharpening the Saw

“Serving Others”: In this highly interactive association and corporate workshop, WillieJay utilizes the D.I.S.C. Human Behavior Model to covey the importance of connecting with, delighting, and taking care of immediate, internal, and external customers. Take-a ways:

  • Lights – Camera – Action
  • Make no assumptions – Be Informed
  • Bring your sense of humor to work
  • Identifying Always and Nevers
  • Breathe and Stretch – Handling the difficult customer